Leverage Our Experience

Engineering Services

Eriksson Technologies renders consulting engineering services to consulting engineers, contractors and precast concrete fabricators. Our staff has extensive experience in the design, redesign, and preparation of shop drawings for products fabricated in plants like yours. We can bring to bear on your technical problems a depth of expertise with bridge and other transportation products and commercial structures unequaled in the industry.

  • Structural Design

    Preparation of detailed design calculations and project drawings.

  • Composites

    Eriksson Technologies possesses substantial expertise in composites design, serving as the design consultant for numerous hybrid composite bridges

  • Shop Drawing Preparation

    Girders, deck panels, piling, sheet piling, precast pavement, marine structures.

  • Job Takeoffs

    Assistance with bid preparation: preliminary design, mark number optimization, quantities, costing.

  • Product Redesign

    Reconfigure strand patterns, shear steel, product shape.

  • In-plant Engineering Support

    Product handling, stability, new lifting schemes, shipping.

  • Construction Support

    Erection schemes, hardware design, construction loads.

  • Casting/Stressing Beds

    Complete design, redesign, retrofitting and capacity assessment of beds.

Representative Current & Recent Projects

Serving as EOR for this 5-level total precast parking garage in downtown Tampa. Structural services consist of lateral and gravity load analyses, component (beams, columns, wall panels) and connection designs, and erection and piece ticket preparation.
Performed detailing and prepared shop drawings and designed lifting, handling, and transportation schemes for all precast products used in the rehabilitation of this complex, historically significant 1932 arch bridge. The entire superstructure of the bridge was removed and fabricated out of precast concrete to match the appearance of the original structure. Product types included precast caps, longitudinal beams, floor beams, SIP forms, and decorative precast railing.
Performed conceptual design of this 500 foot long by 300 foot wide total precast structure that extends Runway 33L of Logan Airport into the Boston Harbor as part of HNTB/Jay Cashman design-build team. Oversaw the detailing and production of shop drawings for precast piles, precast pile caps, and NEXT beams for the final structure. Designed lifting hand handling schemes for all products.
Preformed a client needs assessment, resulting in the development the complete design of a prestressing bed to facilitate the expansion of a major fabricator of precast/prestressed concrete products. Prepared calculations and detailed construction drawings and specifications for the project. The bed consists of large counterweight footings at each end with a compression slab running the length of the bed. A hold-down system for depressed strands was also designed, and all stressing hardware was designed and fully detailed.
Prepared many sheets of detailed shop drawings for large precast, pretensioned and post-tensioned box and inverted tee beams. These heavily-loaded girders support the passenger platforms at three of the elevated guideway stations. Parabolic post-tensioning ducts, future PT ducts, pretensioned strands, dapped ends, and a complex reinforcing steel layout provided a high degree of technical challenge.
Prepared conceptual designs, redesign calculations, calculations for shipping and handling, and shop drawings for bridge girders for the six structures of Contract A and four structures of Contract B. Structural member types included bulb tees and box beams. Developed a new quick connect/disconnect lifting system for very heavy girders.
Performed a load study and prepared design calculations and drawings to retrofit an existing bed to enable it to handle draped strand patterns with high forces. New hold-down concept utilized deep foundation 18" diameter drilled shafts and cap beam due to highly expansive clay soil. Detailed calculations were also performed to assess capacities of other existing beds.
Prepared detailed shop drawings and handling calculations for precast/prestressed concrete pavement panels. These 12' and 24' wide by 10' long 8" thick panels were pretensioned in the direction transverse to the roadway and post-tensioned with strands and PT bars longitudinal to traffic.
Served as Engineer of Record for this hybrid-composite beam bridge. The hybrid composite beam is a patented new-generation composite structural member that incorporates an inner concrete compression arch and tension tie to create a highly structurally efficient member. Eriksson performed structural calculations and prepared detailed drawings.
Designed and detailed the superstructure for this waterfront structure. The main structural elements were continuous precast/prestressed concrete box beams subjected to extremely high dynamic loading.
Rendered construction engineering services to the fabricator. Prepared redesign calculations and shop drawings for these twin 12-span, highly asymmetrical precast/pretensioned concrete girder structures.

Technical Publishing

Eriksson has substantial experience in the area of technical publishing. Services offered include technical editing, user manual creation, creation of engineering design examples, copy editing, drafting, technical drawing, website design, pre-press work, and camera-ready artwork creation. Recent examples include:

Updated design examples portion of the PCI Bridge Design Manual.

These included a simple-span non-composite box beam, a simple-span composite bulb-tee, a three-span continuous bulb tee, and a precast stay-in-place deck slab. Each of these examples is presented in a step-by-step fashion with respect to both the AASHTO Standard Specifications and the AASHTO LRFD Specifications. Due to the large number changes to the LRFD Specifications since the BDM was first released, substantial revisions to the design examples became necessary to bring them into conformance with the current editions of the AASHTO Specifications. Because of our unique qualifications, Eriksson Technologies was hired to assess the revisions to the AASHTO Specs, review the errata that had been reported, and make all necessary revisions to the publication. This work was successfully completed in 2003.

Served as editor for PCI's State-of-the-Art of Precast/Prestressed Integral Bridges

Covers all aspects of integral precast/prestressed concrete bridges. Edited technical content, checked design calculations, laid out manual, created final artwork, and produced camera-ready material for publication.

Technical Training

Our training unit specializes in creating, planning, and delivering state-of-the-art training for virtually all areas of bridge design. To date, Eriksson has trained hundreds of practicing bridge engineers throughout the United States in LRFD methodologies. Our website is uniquely suited to serve as a central resource in support of our LRFD training. Eriksson Technologies continually strives to provide the highest quality technical products and training available. In pursuit of this high standard of excellence, we are committed to exceeding each state board of professional engineers' standard of care for rendering continuing education to engineers. We are authorized to issue continuing education units (CEUs) and professional development hours (PDHs) in many states. Where state oversight boards have formal certification procedures for continuing education providers, we have applied for and been certified as approved providers.

"LRFD Training: Principles & Practice"

Developed, sponsored, and participated in comprehensive course for the design of concrete bridges. Topics covered included: loads, superstructure analysis, substructure analysis, girder design, deck design, pier and column design, and foundation design. Course was conducted in Tampa; Atlanta; Newark, NJ; Springfield, IL; Portland, OR; Sacramento, CA; and Irvine, CA from March 2004 through April, 2005. Several hundred practicing bridge engineers in private and public practice attended the course.

"AASHTO LRFD Training Seminar"

Developed course material and taught Concrete Bridges I & II modules (7 hrs total) covering LRFD principles, bridge superstructure design, substructure design, strut-and-tie modeling, and integral bridge design. Part of 4-day seminar sponsored by Michael Baker Engineers for the WV DOT, FHWA, and consultants, August 1-4, 2000, Charleston, WV.

"PCI Bridge Design Manual Seminar"

Taught 3 hours covering design optimization, LRFD, and superstructure design. Sponsored by Prestressed Concrete Producers of Arkansas, Little Rock, AR, August 8, 2000.

"1997 Load and Resistance Factor Design (LRFD) of Bridges"

Developed presentation material for, and participated in the presentation of, a half-day concrete module for a series of 2-day, intensive seminars sponsored by the Florida DOT and Florida Institute of Consulting Engineers, August-October, 1997. The purpose of the seminars was to prepare Florida bridge engineers for statewide adoption of LRFD.

"Design Examples for Prestressed Concrete Girder Bridges"

Co-presenter of a half-day design seminar on new AASHTO LRFD Specification, 1995 International Bridge Conference, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, June 20, 1995.


Eriksson Technologies serve as a link between engineers and scientists conducting pure research and practicing bridge engineers. Our typical role in a research project is to facilitate the transfer of technology transfer to the bridge engineering community. Our knowledge of the activities and methodologies of the research community and our strong connections to practicing bridge engineers uniquely qualifies us to serve as a bridge between the two groups. Our efforts in this regard help ensure that the results of research projects have the best chance of becoming integrated into standard engineering practice. Examples of our role in this capacity include:

Spliced Girder Standards, PennDOT.

Developed standard drawings and model calculations for Pennsylvania DOT for standardizing the use of spliced girders in the state of Pennsylvania.

NCHRP 12-69

"Design and Construction Guidelines for Long-Span Decked Precast, Prestressed Concrete Girder (DPPCG) Bridges". Eriksson served as Co-Principal Investigator on this project. Total project budget is $500,000. Completed in 2010. Phase I has been successfully completed and Phase II is well underway. Eriksson’s role in the project is to: perform literature search related to design and analysis methods of DPPCG, refine/revise design and analysis methods with respect to research conducted, draft specifications language, and develop design examples.

NCHRP 10-71

"Evaluation of CIP Reinforced Joints for Full-Depth Precast Concrete Bridge Decks". Eriksson serves as a primary consultant on this $500k project. Areas of responsibility include: review of design procedures, preparation of design examples, review of specification language. Project was completed in 2011.